Our Supporters

We owe a lot of thanks to our supporters for helping our adventures to continue

Youth Investment Fund (2024)

We were lucky enough to have been awarded a large sum of money from the Youth Investment Fund to go towards a new of projects in our HQ.

Tesco Community Grants (2023)

Thanks to one of our volunteers who worked for Tesco, we were nominated for another Community Grant. This time, the money was for a new larger mess tent to replace our 40 year old smaller version. We were also given money towards a new gas boiler for camping.

Gateshead’s High Sheriff Award (2021)

We were delighted to have been gifted some money by the Lord-Lieutenant of Tyne & Wear. This money was put towards brand new doors and shutters for our HQ. The new UPVC doors have massively improved the warmth of our HQ.

Boundary Lane Wind Farm (EDF Renewables) (2020)

We were gifted some funds to improve the outdoor appearance of our HQ. This included new outdoor LED lighting, new paint for the container, new signage and improved livery on our trailer.

Akzo Nobel International Paint (2020)

We received a large donation towards improving the energy efficiency of our HQ. For this, we insulated all of the loft (including boarding it out), purchased new electric water heaters and replaced our lighting with modern LEDs.

Sir James Knott Trust (2020)

In anticipation of attending a large scale event, we received a donation from the Sir James Knott Trust towards new camping equipment. This money was spent on tents, cookers, stoves, chairs and other miscellaneous camping equipment.

Tesco Community Grants (2018)

We took part in one round of the Tesco Community Grants scheme (previously called Bags of Help). The money raised in the local area also went towards our new roof fund which resulted in a new roof during 2020.

Coop Local Community Fund (2017 – 2020)

We took part in three rounds of the Coop Local Community Fund with the funds raised by the local community of Chopwell. All funds raised were put towards our new roof fund which resulted in us getting a new roof on our HQ during 2020.

Gateshead Housing Fund (2016)

Gateshead Housing Fund provided some in-kind funding by laying a new tile carpet throughout our entire HQ. This is the start of our journey in making our HQ greener.

National Lottery Community Fund (2015)

During 2015, we received a large grant from The National Lottery Community Fund which enabled us to improve our outdoor space. A large part of this was all related to groundworks and as a result, we now have a great quality field within our boundary for playing games, campfires and pitching tents.

Gateshead Council Local Community Fund (2015)

We received a small sum of money from Gateshead Council to enable us to replace some of gas heaters. These new heaters are more energy efficient than our previous models.