Scouting since 1930…

We’re proud to have been supporting adventures in the village of Chopwell since our group was first formed back in 1930. Other the years, our group has moved headquarters, changed leaders, changed the programme and also grew / shrunk as demand requires. What hasn’t changed is our ethos of putting young people and our local community first.

We are currently operating three sections (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts) and also support the wider Scouting network with our HQ being used by the local Explorer Scout Unit when required.

Our Amazing Volunteers

Our dedicated volunteers keep Scouting going. They provide hundreds of hours of un-paid hours to give our Young People an amazing adventure. Be that during one of our weekly meeting nights or weekend activities including camps. They all undertake training, with a large focus on Safety, Safeguarding and First aid. All our Volunteers have an enhanced DBS check too!

Supporters keep us going

Our members pay a monthly fee which supports the basics of the group such as utility bills, insurance and membership fees to national. This keeps the group going, however, it’s our dedicated supporters who help us to push forward and grow. There are a large number of individuals within the community who support us and we thank each and every one of them. We also have larger organisations who support us on particular projects too!

Our Trustee Board

Our Trustee Board work behind the scenes to support our charitable objectives and ensure we comply with our group constitution. They are there to support our volunteers in ensuring that our group is safe, secure and on financially good terms.

Join our adventure

We’re always looking for more volunteers to join us. This doesn’t have to be in a leadership role as there are plenty of ‘back office’ functions to be carried out too! Find out more about volunteering.

If your aged between 6 and 14 and want to join the adventure you can do so here. We sometimes have a waiting list but we’ll let you know!